We dreamt of a shower that would wake up when you do and be ready for when you are. A shower that would say Hello to you and remember the last time you loved being in it and let you re-create that moment. A pleasure to touch. From the glossy finish of the glass screen to the beveled edges of the temperature bezel. Q's lever, controlled by magnets glides effortlessly easing your navigation through the menus.
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Our Latest Smart Showers

All Aqualisa smart showers feature temperature-ready indication, which means you don’t need to keep checking to see when your shower is ready. With remote control, you won’t get a cold wet arm in the process. A simple on/off and the ability to divert to a second outlet mean that you have complete control so that nothing spoils your perfect shower.

The digital era made the remote control possible, and you will wonder how you ever managed without one. It starts your shower remotely so you only ever need to step in when it’s temperature-ready. We now call this smart showering.